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JDI Blood Donation

This initiative promotes health and wellness though blood donation, advocacy and creation of platforms for regular blood drives, thus meeting Sustainable Goal 3 of good health and wellbeing. Through our free solution called ‘J-Blood Match’ which directly pairs those in need of blood to donors, using their blood type and location, we are contributing our quota to raising the Nigerian blood pool from 1% to 5%! Click here to learn more and register on J-Blood Match! As advocates, we also raise awareness on the need for voluntary blood donation through radio shows, articles and social media. Would you want to feature us on your platform? Please send us an email.

 JDI Access to Clean Water

Through this initiative, JDI advocates for the establishment of potable water sources in rural communities so as to meet the Sustainable Development Goal 6 of clean water and sanitation. Consequently, the ‘H20ForCommunities’ project is aimed at drilling at least one borehole in 4 different communities of about 1000 people per year. Click here to learn more about our last project in Iwa Community, Niger State.

JDI Mental Health

This initiative is designed to provide psychological support through counselling sessions and the use of technology to meet Sustainable Development Goal 3 of good health and well-being. We aim to alleviate the causes of emotional instability and mental illness, thereby reducing suicide and mortality rates. Through our free, monthly group therapy sessions called ‘Unburden’, individuals have access to experts and a safe space where they can break the culture of silence and find possible solutions. Click here to see one of our past sessions

JDI Youth Empowerment through Volunteering

This initiative involves empowering young people with the gains of volunteering as a tool for community-building and acquiring relevant experiences which develop them into servant-leaders and close skill gaps. In line with Sustainable Goals 4 and 8 of quality education as well as decent work and economic growth, we train young Nigerians on servant-leadership and community-building while they are paired as volunteers with keen organisations in the ‘JDI Leadership Exchange Programme’  Learn more about the LEP here

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