LEP Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Leadership Exchange Programme?

The Leadership Exchange Programme (LEP) is a bi-annual programme to take place in April and November under the auspices of JDI Youth Empowerment through Volunteering. It is designed with JDI delivering passionate volunteers aged between 18 and 25 to host organizations for a period of four (4) weeks to serve in any capacity assigned to them.

2. When Does LEP Start and How Long Does it last?

A call for applications will be launched on October 1st to last till October 14th while the workplace exchange begins on November 2nd, lasting for 4 weeks till November 27th. However, pre-programme and post-programme activities stretch from October 31st to December 3rd.

3. What do I need to Become a Host Organisation?

Host organisations are still welcome and if you are interested in partnering with us in that regard, kindly email us through info@jdi.org.ng

4. What do I need to Become a Host Organisation?

There are many ways of joining us in this exciting journey! You can partner as a host organisation or media partner, offering us your platform to promote the LEP or producing media materials such as video and audio clips to aid our publicity. Email us through info@jdi.org.ng to connect with us.

5. What are the Highlights of the LEP?

From training workshops and radio show appearances to the Gallup’s Strength assessment coupled with a one-on-one personal coaching session, administered by a Gallup Global Strengths coach, the LEP is packed with empowering opportunities for the participants. Interestingly, they also have the opportunity to engage in a community service project and will be awarded with certificates of achievement upon completion of the Programme.

6. What is the Community Service?

The LEP culminates in the community service project which is focused on providing access to water, mental health or blood donation. The participants choose the project that they wish to work on, from a list of options presented to them by JDI.

7. What do the Training Workshops Entail?

Designed to be as valuable as possible, the LEP comprises of both the workplace exchange and training workshops. The workshops include but are not limited to advocacy, Gallup’s Strength Test, servant-leadership, personal development, community building and networking.

8. What do I have to do to be Eligible for the LEP?

The LEP is open to all young persons aged between 18-25, resident in Abuja and willing to serve as volunteers. We do not require any special qualifications.

9. Can I Choose the Host Organisation I want to Serve With?

Participants of the LEP are allowed to choose the roles they want to function in. However, each role is specific to an organisation and choosing a role consequently selects the organisation the role is attached to. The roles and organisations they are attached to are inseparable.

10. Are LEP Applications Free?

Absolutely! You do not have to pay an application fee. However, you can apply only once for each cohort and once your application is submitted, you cannot make corrections.

11. What if I don't get Selected this Year, Can I Apply Again?

Applicants whose applications are unsuccessful are encouraged to apply for the next cohort. There is no penalty for this.

12. Must I have volunteer experience before I can apply?

While previous volunteer experience may bolster your application, it is not mandatory. You only have to show us that you have what it takes to be a committed volunteer.

13. Do I get paid by the Host Organization I serve with?

The LEP is a volunteer opportunity. Therefore, there is no payment attached to it.

14. Can I Work Elsewhere While Participating in the LEP?

Participants of the LEP are required to report at their host organisations 4 days per week and each Saturday the Programme lasts for training workshops. Therefore, other activities that may hamper this commitment are discouraged and reports of absenteeism attract dismissal from the Programme.

15. What Happens after the Workplace Exchange?

The workplace exchange ends on November 27th but the LEP doesn’t end there! A formal closing ceremony at Box Office Hub, Abuja is to be held on November 30th, likewise radio appearances on Soundcity Radio and other stations in our network. Furthermore, as a show of our commitment, all participants of the LEP are added to a closed group where they have continued access to personal development opportunities and support.