In line with Goal 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals, this initiative focuses on establishing potable water sources and sanitation/hygiene facilities in various communities as a means of promoting personal hygiene, general well-being and safeguarding the girl-child.


This is the flagship project of this initiative. In 2019, the Iwa Community of Gurara Local Government of Niger State, was brought to JDI’s attention on social media as a community in dire need of clean water. However, the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down the implementation of the project in the community as field visits could not be conducted. In 2021, a field survey was carried out and it was discovered that the primary school in the community did not have a functional toilet facility and that the primary healthcare centre’s borehole had been in disrepair for about 5 years. This led JDI to construct an incinerator and modern 6-stall toilet for staff and students, with support from Mainstream Foundation and link the facility to a nearby water source. JDI also partnered with Just Fix It Synergy to refurbish the borehole at the primary healthcare centre while Centre for School Health Education and Environmental Hygiene donated cleaning supplies and supported the training of the students on maximising the new facility.

Ever since, JDI has continued her social media advocacy on the impact of unclean water in various communities and the importance of sanitation and hygiene facilities.