Discover our Last H20ForCommunities Project

JDI is committed to helping underserved communities access potable water because we see the link between lack of water and poor education, gender-based violence, insecurity, poor healthcare and economic inequality. In 2020, we first heard of and visited Iwa Community in Niger State. We have since gone back multiple times to meet various stakeholders and carry out baseline surveys, which revealed an overwhelming need for proper sanitation and hygiene in the community primary school. Our field data and stakeholder meetings have revealed that the Iwa Primary School caters for the educational needs of 421 children from the community yet it is plagued by:

Lack of Toilet Facility

Forcing children to stool in the environs and use trash from the ground to clean themselves.

Improper Waste Management

Leading to poor sanitation and ineffective waste management

Poor Structures

Characterised by leaky roofs and broken asbestos ceilings

Lack of Furniture

Forcing the children to sit on the floor when they attend school

Community Clinic in Disrepair


Furthermore, the clinic in the community suffers from the same problem as the available handpump borehole has fallen into disrepair. Therefore, this impedes the smooth running of the facility or even ensuring that patients get the best possible care. We produced a mini-documentary detailing the problems and proposed intervention, you can watch it here:

What we did about these issues

1. Construction of modern toilets for the primary school

2. Providing basic training on sanitation and waste management to the students and staff of the school

3. Laying pipes from the nearby community market borehole to provide water for the school toilets

4. Repair of the handpump borehole at the Iwa clinic.


We thank all our partners and donors who supported us on this project, especially Mainstream Foundation and Just Fix it Synergy, Limited. Kindly follow this link to see the handover of the project: