People usually have this assumption that blood donations are strenuous and this can be one discouraging factor but the truth is, it’s not even that exhausting! Now, there are quite a number of reasons people shy away from donating blood. Listed below, are the top three of these reasons and tips that can help you overcome these “fears”.

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I know quite a few people who avoid donating blood for this reason but if you are willing to face your fears, you may find that the satisfaction of making a donation can be quite thrilling (remember just one donation can save up to 3 lives). 

How? I’ll tell you.

The Red Cross explains the “one pint, three lives” mantra boils down to the fact that whole blood can be divided into four ‘transfusable’ products – red blood cells, platelets, plasma and cyroprecipitate. From every pint of blood, doctors can extract up to three of these products. Hence, one pint can help save the lives of up to three people.

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Still a bit worried?

You can consider bringing a friend along or listening to some calming music during the donation process. Doing this will keep you distracted, and in a short time you are done!


Before going in for blood donation, it is important that you are well hydrated (i.e. drink lots of water/fluids). This helps to make the process much easier. Usually, most voluntary blood donors feel fine after completing the donation process. However, if you feel faint or dizzy, make sure you remain seated till you feel better and also inform the donation staff. A lot of blood drives offer free snacks and a drink after the donation to help you regain your strength.


All equipment’s used in the blood donation process are sterile and used only once (disposable). They are disposed of in a marked biohazard container right after the donation. Therefore, there are no chances of contracting any kind of blood related diseases.


Interesting fact…before the donation process, all donors are given a mini medical check-up and asked a series of questions to ascertain if they are eligible to donate( so this counts as a free health check for you).

Blood donations make real impact and save countless lives. Becoming a voluntary blood donor can be a rewarding experience and here at JDI, you can get the opportunity to be an advocate/volunteer by registering on our J Blood Match platform.

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