By David Ochoga

This article was written based on instruction during the Leadership Exchange Programme (LEP) of Jela’s Development Initiative (JDI). All that is stated in the article are the things I have let go in order to fulfil my dream.

I have always thought that success was all about making money and buying the most expensive things in the world, but I was wrong. My curiosity made me find out that people are considered successful when they put their heart to achieving a set goal, work towards it and achieve it no matter how small the goal may be. Success is reflected in our day-to-day actions.

I have always dreamt of becoming a billionaire, but I know billionaires are not made by sitting down and doing nothing. My daily habits would determine the extent to which I achieve this goal. I made up my mind to dislodge some habits of mine that would hinder my success. Below are those habits.

  1. Not being ready to take corrections: My ego used to take a full grip of my life and would make me resist corrections from those superior in knowledge to me. I know that for a man to be great in life, he has to be humble and be ready to learn, as learning never ends.
  2. The fear of association: I have always disliked being around a lot of people due to my timid nature. The fear of being judged, intimidated or provoked made me an introvert who always enjoyed being alone. I had to quickly let go of this habit and face the world head on, because people are the greatest asset a man could ever have. Even in the Bible, God used men to bless men, so if I wanted to be great, I had to accept people the way they came.
  3. My bad saving habit: I used to be an impulsive buyer, who was captivated by the things I saw. I noticed that most times when I had money and saved it, a pressing and worthwhile need arose and the money I saved helped me meet the need. This has always stirred up excitement and a sense of responsibility in me. Saving is important.
  4. The thought of not being good enough: When we see people who are successful, we think they are super amazing without thinking about how much work was put in to achieving that goal. We were all created the same. People are celebrated in public for what they have practiced for years in private. Hard work is the way to becoming the best. I realized that people are talented, but with hard work nothing is impossible. This is what I had to understand to eliminate the sense of mediocrity that resided in me.   
  5. The fear of being identified as a rebel: Mrs. Angela Ochu-Baiye, founder of JDI once told me that I should not be afraid of being called a rebel when my actions are rebellious. Not everyone sees the world the same way I do, just as not everyone has the same dream as mine. I made up my mind not to always follow the old pattern of doing things, but to analyze and create my own pattern. So, if I am considered being rebellious because I refuse to conform to the old pattern of doing things, I guess I am a rebel.

Like minds attract each other. For success to be achieved in any sphere of life, you must associate yourself with people who know better and are ready to support you in achieving your goals. If you are the smartest in a group, then you are in the wrong group. Always be in the midst of those that know better than you do.