By Ibari Ogunbor

Human beings intrigue me.

I have always found myself deeply observing what informs people’s behaviour, why they think in a certain way, their demeanour and really, everything about humans.

My interaction with people enables me see through them, beyond just the conversations and overtime, this has led to an interesting discovery- the state of one’s mental health is mostly affected by the life experiences, regular activities, personalities, religion, environment, and the likes.

Basically, my quest to better understand how and why humans operate in a certain way is what has drawn me to the mental health team of Jela’s Development Initiative.

This quest was what made me connect with Jela’ s clinic in the first place, while it was still airing on radio. The conversations were so deep and soul-searching. They always got me to think differently about issues and when I discovered JDI was connected to Jela’s clinic (in the person of the founder), I saw a platform where my intrigue could be nurtured and used positively for the larger society.

I am Ibari Ogunbor, a proud member of the Mental Health team; one of the four arms of the JELA’S DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES family!