By Clement Oriaku

Donating blood means giving the gift of life, yet despite the ongoing need for blood donations, only very few people are blood donors.

There exists diverse reasons (medical, emotional, personal etc) that prevent people from donating blood.
The good news is there are other ways to help if one can’t donate.

Become an Advocate: Publicly support and convince people to join the blood donation cause.

Become a Volunteer: Your time and talent can make a real difference in people’s lives. Volunteer opportunities include supporting blood donations, helping with blood drives, contacting donors, scheduling donation appointments, making sure refreshments are available for donors and delivering much-needed services to your community.

Host a Blood Drive: One person can help save hundreds of lives by hosting a blood drive. It’s a rewarding experience.

Make a Financial Donation: Financial donations go a long way in ensuring the successful execution of blood drives and other blood donation/advocacy programs.

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